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What do Vanda's Clients have to say?
"Vanda has been my business coach since August of 2017. I have had several coaches over the last 15 years and she is, by far, the best coach ever. Her no-nonsense, no excuses approach works really well for me. She gets to the point and isn't afraid to tell me the truth. I had found other coaches were always sugar-coating my issues or skirting around my flaws. Vanda is the number one biggest reason why I finished my 2017 year in buisness where I did. She got me focused and productive and with her help I finished the year as the number one in sales for my company. I can't thank her enough and am so excited for what 2018 will bring both of us.”
 - Karlyn Ellis.
"I have been a client of Vanda's for the past few years and highly recommend her. She is tenacious, dedicated, honest, energetic and a true professional. I have loved working with her and my business has benefited greatly. She knows what she's doing and genuinely cares about her clients. Her focus is on the success of her clients and she is dedicated to helping them achieving their goals. Like any good coach, she is tough when needed and doesn't give up. As a result of working with her, my personal business sales have grown over 150%. I simply could not be as successful as I am without her help and am lucky to be working with her.” 
- David Sidley
"We can't say enough about Coach Vanda and the direct impact she has had on our growth and success. Coach Vanda is an unparalleled resource for our company and an integral member of our team. Our weekly coaching calls are a concentrated power punch of rich insights, knowledge, wisdom and skills born from real world business acumen and accomplishment. Since we began coaching with Vanda, our conversion rate has skyrocketed and our business has doubled. We can say, in no uncertain terms that Vanda's coaching has helped us become more effective communicators, problem solvers, leaders and business people. On a scale of 1-10, Vanda is a 50! We are honored and humbled to have Vanda as our coach and we highly recommend coaching with Vanda to anyone who is committed to personal and professional success.”
- Gia Silva