About Vanda Martin
Vanda Martin has lived a varied and full life: earning a basketball scholarship, owning her first enterprise at nineteen, obtaining a degree in business and marketing, moving to the United States from Brazil, working as a personal trainer, becoming the number-one realtor in her region and part of the top 1 percent worldwide with Coldwell Banker, and finally becoming a successful coach.

In 2006, she was named "Business Woman of the Year" by the San Joaquin County Chamber of Commerce. It is all thanks to her mindset, focus, love of life, and drive to maintain high energy.

Since beginning coaching Vanda Martin has has transformed many lives and careers, creating multiple millionaires along the way, as well as becoming an Amazon best selling author of her book The Art of High Energy.
What do Vanda's Clients have to say?
“… It was not until my meeting with Coach Vanda Martin that I saw major business development and I was finally able to create a meaningful leap. I met Coach Vanda on the verge of my business breakdown, looking for a complete reset. Coach Vanda’s enthusiasm, high energy and commitment to always be 100% honest and sincere with me, never hesitating to tactfully and directly point out areas that need improvement, offering a different perspective – has impacted me immeasurably and allowed me to re-bound and rebuild my Team. With the skills I have acquired from Coach Vanda, I can now adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for a long lasting outcome. Under Coach Vanda’s guidance I made enormous progress both personally and professionally. Tools and hacks I am able to use on a daily basis, habits I learnt – are all indispensable and provide me with a Focus and Clarity on my path of becoming the greatest real estate professional I can be. I am honored to provide Coach Vanda with the highest recommendation as a Master Coach and my life mentor. Coach Vanda’s unique ability to recognize, understand and explain customer relations and psychology has transformed my thinking, and most importantly my actions. During the last two years coaching with Vanda, there have been many surprising and sometimes painful personal realizations. Coach Vanda’s guidance continues to make me a better person at home and a leader at work. I honor and recognize Coach Vanda as a top contributor to the success that I enjoy as a professional today.”
 - Julia Ray
"Coach V as many of us call her, Vanda is absolutely the most fabulous, energetic, insightful, caring and superb business coach who knows how to motivate, knows exactly what we need from her and gives it in a concise manner. I have personally found her to have the right energy, background, advice and guidance to have my best year ever in 18 years in Sales.. I am also at a point in my career where with Vanda Martin's guidance, I plan to take my business 10X. She is not only an inspiration but always gives her 100% to us. I am so very grateful to have her as my Business Coach and can't see growing my business without her weekly help. Coach V, we love you. Thank you for being you. " 
- Radhi Shah
"I have been coaching with Vanda since March of 2017, and in that time she has completely transformed my business. Whether it is getting my mind in the right place to achieve my goals, helping me create a business structure that is motivating to my team and highly profitable, or helping me with my communication and presentation skills to close more business, Vanda always nails it. She has an unstoppable energy and a great zest for life that is infectious. Anyone would be lucky to coach on her team.”
 - Tyler Whitman