The only approval you need is your own #2
Written by Vanda Martin on Nov. 23rd 2018
There is a big problem in this world nowadays, and it got worse with social media... And that is the need of approval and validation.
Are you attached to what people think of you online, within your family or in your industry?
Are you waiting or expecting for the validation and love of your family, friends, clients, or other people in order to feel great or happy?
If you get their approval or love you feel great and if you don’t, do you feel bad??
I have great suggestions here below.
You know.. Most people don't care about anything that we are doing, and that is very OK!
They are too busy doing their own things, fighting their own battles, or waiting for their own approval too, or thinking about themselves. Alleluia.
People project their inner-world to the universe, and if they are not very happy, or not very confident, they will not be very happy, supportive, or encouraging with you either.
It’s ok. Let it go. Release.
Also, if they live in a scarcity mindset or in a fear state they will bring their fears, doubts and worry to you and your space. Many dreams and plans were crushed by family and friends with supposedly “great intentions or good advice”.
Do YOUR thing, do your magic. Release the desire for approval, validation and the desire to please everyone.
When we give too much value to other people’s opinion we lose our own personal authenticity and strength. If you are happy with approvals and likes, and unhappy if people don’t agree, like or approve you, you will have horrible moments of emotion and feelings. This is not a great life strategy. It is a roller coaster of emotions all of the time. That is a very exhausting and unproductive way of living.
Release the need to make everyone happy. Some people will never, ever, like, love or approve of us. Period.
We might be too different, too happy, too confident, too revolutionary, too active, too positive, too wild, too crazy, or too energetic for them.
Some people will not challenge themselves, challenge the status-quo, dream or think Big. They will not innovate, or search for more .. or anything. NADA. And guess what? They don’t want you to do anything either.
They will say and talk, sometimes behind your back or maybe even in front of you “Who Do You Think You Are?” Or they might pretend to care for you and say “Are You sure? You might get into trouble”.
We must smile and move on.. keep on going...
Who cares. So what? Let them talk..
Let’s not be attached or become a slave to what other people think or want, going around trying to please everyone with our decisions and life.
We must release the desire to please everyone and the need for validation and approval.
Here are some of my suggestions:
- Work on improving your self-esteem and self-worth. I will not go into many details here. I have great information on creating and having Emotional and Mental Strength Energy in my Book “The Art of High Energy”.
- Take Full Responsibility for your actions, life and decisions. Do it. It’s liberating. We only have one life, one chance, let’s take it!
- Let Go the horrible Habit of Comparison. This is a joy killer and a poison for energy. Learn from other people and don’t ever, ever compare yourself with anyone. You are unique, the special formula.
- Whose LIFE is this anyways? Yours. Practice the “I-don’t-give-a-damn-script!” Practice this script in your head and sometimes say it when necessary - “Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it, but it’s all fine and under control.” And Smile.
- Release The fear of looking bad and Fear of Embarrassment . Let go this S#@t.
Let people laugh, or criticize, or say stupid things to you and about you online, in the office... etc.. Just keep on doing your magic, having faith, believing in yourself and working on the dream.
Follow your PLAN!
I made more mistakes, fell down so many times, I was teased, taunted, stabbed in the back, laughed at, I have lost so much money and failed big numerous times but I keep on going and going.. and if I look back, and I don’t do that often, I’m still ahead of most people that laughed at me.
Growth comes from all that, from pain, failures and setbacks. And Success is growth and progress.
Make it an amazing Life and get Your Piece of The Freedom Pie! — Vanda

Vanda Martin

Vanda Martin helps high level businessmen and women take their lives and careers to the next level by improving their energy, focus, and performance through proven one on one or group coaching.  To find out how to start coaching with Vanda reach out and schedule a free strategy session today.
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