Where are you looking for your happiness? #3
Written by Vanda Martin on Nov. 9th 2018
“Is that all there is??”
Have you ever asked yourself this question?
Another question people might wonder - “Am I just going to go thorough my life, my one and only life, in this race, looking for more, trying to do more and be better than the competition? Making money and paying the bills?”
People sometimes reach out to me and say that- “I kind of lost my Joy. I don’t know my purpose, I don’t feel energetic, I don't feel highly excited or enthusiastic about life and work. What can I do?”
Have you ever felt this way?
When you definitely know your energy is off, or maybe not on the right high level that you know is possible for the life you want and desire.
Energy is everything. Our energy reflects and ripples. Our energy also creates and it’s responsible for the quality of our lives.
Our energy physically, emotionally and mentally makes our day or kills the day.
A long time ago I used to think that life was all about our search for happiness.
I learned this-
The emotions, feelings and energy of peace of mind, joy, happiness and contentment comes from within, not from the environment, not from the circumstances or from other people, not from when we achieve the dream or goals, or whatever we want. No.
Nothing, no one, no money or success can give that to us. It’s a choice to be happy, it’s a Decision.
Happiness is a state of Being.
So many people have the the health, the riches, the money, the fame, the awards, the success and are still very unhappy and even depressed.
The best way to increase and improve Happiness and Energy is to be useful, to help, to contribute.
Now, isn’t interesting that money, success, riches and fame does follow the people that make the biggest impact and contributes to the world and to others?
Who are you helping today?
What kind of contribution are you bringing to the people around you, to the marketplace and into the world today??
Have an amazing, inspired, productive and fabulous Friday!!! —V.

Vanda Martin

Vanda Martin helps high level businessmen and women take their lives and careers to the next level by improving their energy, focus, and performance through proven one on one or group coaching.  To find out how to start coaching with Vanda reach out and schedule a free strategy session today.
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